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Our mission statement is to use our EB welding expertise to deliver Competitive Advantage to our Customers through Innovative Design & Manufacture and World Class performance. Founded in 1966, EBP is the most experienced EB welding specialist in Europe. Our business has been developed to provide a Total manufacture service, including CNC machining, Assembly and NDT. We are approved to...

Electron Beam Welding Best Practices Guide

The object of this brochure is to give ‘best practice’ guidelines on those aspects of the preparation of parts for EBW that have a direct bearing on the quality of the welded component. Our aim, like yours, is to produce a welded fabrication that fully meets the design criteria.

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EB welding is so clever that many people don’t appreciate its potential. No-one has more experience or expertise in
the application of EBW than EB welcing is so clever that many people don’t appreciate its potential.

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