EB Welding Quality Control

Weld Integrity – EB Welding is a machine-controlled process, settings are fixed at the development stage for use in production.

The EB weld process is a vacuum remelt of parent materials resulting in exceptional quality, these are QC options

  1. Visual Inspection – using minimum x 10 magnification.
  2. Penetrant Crack Detection – Fluorescent dye is used to find surface defects too small for visual examination.
  3. Radiography –  X-ray can identify sub-surface defects hidden from 1. & 2.
  4. Ultrasonic Testing –  Ultrasonic testing can provide a cost-effective alternative to X-ray
  5. Pressure or Vacuum Leak Testing – Provide performance tests of individual components.
  6. Batch Control Test Pieces – Test pieces simulating the component can be used for batch quality control. They enable NDT and macro and micro section examination.
  7. Process Control Specification – ENISO now offers process control and acceptance criteria specification.
  8. EBP has its own specification for weld acceptance criteria, EBP/QAS/01 latest issue. which is available on request.

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