About EBP Manufacturing Solutions

EBP is Europe’s most experienced electron beam welding specialist. As an increasing number of our customers have asked us to provide the hardware for their products, we have developed our ‘Design for Manufacture’ service and machining expertise, particularly in tough, high-performance materials, which many machinists will not tackle.

Added to this we provide a make complete service, which means we source materials, proprietary parts, specialist treatments and design and produce tooling.

We have changed our title to reflect our growing business in make complete work.

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Working with EBP MS

We operate in two modes, as an Approved Special Process provider, if you have a part you are bidding that includes EB, TIG or NDT, just ping us a file and tell us specs required and quantities and we will respond in a few days, if not sooner.

If you have a new manufactured product, or an existing one you want to take cost out of, whether or not it includes EB welding, send us the details. The cost of manufacture is largely fixed by the design.

We are members of  BINDT (British Institution of Non-Destructive Testing) and Industrial members of TWI

Aluminium casing EBW from three finish machined parts, a casting, spun sheet metal and machined ring

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