Plant & Equipment

Our key equipment consits of:

Electron Beam Welding
X-ray & NDT
Precision TIG welding
CNC & conventional machining
Clean Room
Heat Treatment

Electron Beam Welding

Work handling – 1.5 ton hoist system to all machines

HSDE 956

150kv x 25kw
2730mm x 2430mm x 1730mm chamber
CNC control 1.2 ton capacity

CVE Model RE 3962 EB Welding Machine

305 x 305 x 305 mm work chamber
60Kv, 4 Kw fully programmable with real time weld quality monitoring

HSDE 733

150kv 6kw (fully programmable weld cycle, CNC work movement & real time weld quality monitoring)
2260mm x 920mm x 920mm chamber

HSDE 433

150kv 6kw (fully programmable weld cycle, CNC work movement & real time weld quality monitoring)
1940mm x 920mm chamber, extensions to 3,500 mm


60kv 60kw full CNC control
9200mm x 3350mm x 2740mm

TIG Welding

Weldlogic AWS fully programmable weld station With integrated wire feed.
4x Hitachi solid state power 300 Amp.
Orbital, Rotary and Linear welding equipment.
1500 mm long Argon Purge Chamber.

Inspection Equipment

ABERLINK CNC-CMM 900mm x 600mm
TESA Visio 30 non-contact CMM
Leica GZ6 – Zeiss x 500 Stereomicroscope with digital camera
Vickers Hardness testing machine
Macro & Micro section equipment
Mitutoyo Surface Finish Measurement

Machining & Toolmaking Equipment

CAD-CAM – 3x SolidWorks 2016, FeatureCAM 5D, DNC, One CNC
Matsuura MX-250 5 axis 630x560x510 with pallet changer
Doosan Puma MX2000ST CNC Mill/Turn Centre 65mm dia spindle bore x 750mm max dia x 1340mm B/Centres.
Mori Seiki Live Tool CNC Turning Centre, SL25Y/1000, 75mm spindle bore 254mm maximum turning diameter x 1000mm B/Centres + Bar Feeder.
Hurco VMX42 4 axis table capacity 1270mm x axis x 610mm y axis x 760mm z axis
Cincinnati Sabre 750 4 axis VMC.
Cincinnati Arrow 500 4 axis VMC.
Colchester Tornado 100 CNC lathe, 52mm spindle bore 200mm max turning dia. x 300mm B/Centres and Bar Feeder.
Hurco TMM10 Mill/Turn centre – 78mm bore, 400mm swing, 700mm between centres
Cincinnati Hawk 250 – 91mm spindle bore 300mm max turning dia. 500mm B/Centres with Bar Feeder
Hurco TM6 CNC Lathe, 45mm spindle bore, 240mm max turning dia. 400mm B/Centres
Hurco TM10 CNC Lathe, 78mm spindle bore, 402mm max turning dia. 695mm B/Centres
XYZ SLX 555 CNC/Manual Lathe 104mm bore 560mm swing, 1750 B/C
XYZ Proturn Gap bed c/lathe, bore 104, swing in gap 780
J & S 1400 Surface Grinder
2 x Bridgeport Universal Turret Mills with DRO

Non-Destructive Testing

2 Radiography bays with:-
AGO 225KV HS System
Automatic film processing
Fluorescent dye crack detection
Air in Water Leak & Hydraulic Pressure Testing to 400bar
Leybold Mass Spectrometer & Helium leak detector
4 x Vision Engineering Mantis x 10
Stereo Macro ViewerHeat Treatment

Heraeus 650°c oven – 600 x 600 x 600
Clean Room

Class B – Temperature and humidity controlled clean room for assembly and test of critical and sensitive components

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