Hard Metal CNC Machining

Ti 6-4 machined from billet pressure vessel components
High strength fibre optics housing
Manufactured from Alloy 718 billet, and including a 1.5 mm “O” ring track, costs were reduced by 50% through EBP Design for Manufacture (DMF)

CNC Machining- Hard Metal Specialists

Specialist CAM software and training combined with our specialist cutter expertise produces minimum cycle times

EBP has invested in a range of new hard metal cutting technologies such as Ceramics. Our tests in using these means we now have optimised speeds and feeds for a range of tough materials.

Regular production from 718, 625, Ti 6/4, Hastelloy, Haynes 88, etc.

Machining in hard condition eliminates post machine Heat treatment

10 machines including 5 and 8 axis capability with part loader

Integrated shop-floor CMM

SolidWorks CAD/CAM


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