EBP Supplier Terms and Conditions

  1. The goods/services supplied must comply with the requirements of our Purchase Order (PO), and are valid only if transmitted by an authorised member of the company. Prices are fixed unless a confirmed amendment is supplied.
  2. All evidence of material or parts purchased and details of manufacture must be retained for inspection at any time
  3. We, our customer and regulatory authorities reserve the right, given reasonable notice, to visit the supply location for the purpose of verification of supply capability, control and maintenance of records. The work covered by the PO may not be sub-contracted without prior agreement.
  4. The supplier must clearly identify all documents and invoices with our PO number and any other essential information
  5. All supplies must be securely and safely packed to eliminate risk of transit damage. Any defective supply shall be replaced, repaired or credited at the earliest opportunity.
  6. The supplier must notify EBP of any non-conformance, delay or disruption in supply or any material change affecting the future security of supply. Any approvals or staff qualification required for the execution of the PO must be maintained.
  7. The supplier must treat as confidential all drawings, specifications or other information supplied and ensure this information is stored securely and accessed only on a need to know basis. Any tooling or other equipment supplied or funded shall be for the exclusive use of EBP contracts unless otherwise agreed
  8. Delivery dates are critical and unacceptable delay may result in the cancellation without compensation of the contract.

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