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  • Free Design Advice, check out your Options – refer to “About EBP” to download Best Practice Guide
  • Information on Materials, Design, Manufacture and Quality
  • Training Videos, Samples and Presentations
  • Development, Tooling, Value Engineering and Test
  • Wide range of material choice including metal combinations not weldable conventionally.
  • Very low distortion and exceptional weld quality allows parts to be finished machined prior to welding
  • Welding of dissimilar materials provides choice of using high cost, high performance metals only where essential for performance.
  • Welding finish machined parts enables the designer to take a modular approach to products, increasing versatility without increasing lead time or inventory.
  • Post weld machining is largely eliminated, which enables more compact assemblies to be designed.
  • Component parts for EBW require only standard good quality tolerances and tooling is minimal because of the very low heat input and distortion.
  • EBP has 40 years experience as Europe’s leading EBW specialist; use it to help improve your product or solve your problem.


Suitability of materials for EB Welding:


  • Low carbon under 0.30% but not free cutting varieties
  • Direct Hardening
  • Case Hardening – Generally fine but case must be removed from joint areas
  • High Carbon above 0.33% Not weldable

Stainless Steels

  • Low carbon stainless steels are weldable
  • Suitable grades 302S25 (EN58A) 304S15 (EN58E) 316S16(EN58J)
  • Non weldable grades are: 303S21 (EN58M) 304S12 (EN58E)
  • Free cutting grades containing silicon are not suitable for welding


  • Wide range of specifications are weldable
  • Non weldable grades have high Copper or Silicon
  • Weldable grades: 1000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 & some 2000 series alloys
  • Can be welded in either the solution treated or aged condition

Nickel Based Alloy

  • Generally all weldable
  • High temperature Nimonics possibly difficult
  • Usually weldable to steel and copper based alloys

Copper Based Alloys

  • Generally all weldable
  • Weldable also to steel and nickel based alloys

Noble Metals

  • Titanium, Platinium, Zirconium, Niobuim, Silver, All Weld

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